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Beekman 1802 Opens Retail Store in LaGuardia Airport

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endBeekman 1802 has landed at LaGuardia airport. 

The goat-milk-based skin care brand is moving from the farm to the recently renovated LaGuardia Airport Delta terminal for its second foray into retail. “It’s branded the Kindness Shop,” said Jill Scalamandre, chief executive officer of Beekman, which describes itself as a “kindness-driven skin care brand.” 

“When you think about the 39 million eyeballs that walk in and out of that terminal every year, there’s no better way to grow awareness and bring kindness to the world,” she continued. 

The space is set to open June 4, and will be the first stand-alone store for Beekman since cofounders Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge opened the first outpost 2010 in Sharon Springs, N.Y., shortly after launching the line in 2009. 

While brick-and-mortar expansion is not a current priority for Beekman 1802, Scalamandre said this venture, which has been in the pipeline for years, was a “right place, right time kind of thing,” given that the brand is based in New York and seeks to support the local and regional economy across the state. 

Chris Skinner, founder and CEO of creative beauty agency School House and School House Studios, designed the 600-square-foot space, which features Beekman 1802’s signature gingham, statues of the brand’s mascot, Goatie, authentic milking stools and more. 

“From the use of radiating yellow, to the installation of repeated Goaties, we always aim to translate the brand DNA into repeatable codes that build salience and create emotion in an architectural space,” Skinner said in a statement.  

In addition to a full lineup of products, the store will sell pre-wrapped gifts for travelers to grab on the go, and there will be an emphasis on educating customers  about the brand’s mission of eco-friendly skin care and its use of goat milk as a natural remedy for sensitive skin. 

The brand, which Kilmer-Purcell said did $150 million in retail sales in 2021, will be joined by other beauty retailers including Le Labo, MAC, Briggs & Riley and Patricia Nash, which will similarly each have their own designated area within the open-concept retail space.



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