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Behind the Scenes: Men’s Grooming at Dior’s Venice Beach Runway Show with ERL

by News Desk

“Anime,” “surf” and “skate” were the keywords shared backstage at Dior men’s Venice Beach runway show with ERL.

It was a moment for hair, as envisioned by British hairstylist Guido Palau in collaboration with Belgian makeup artist Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior Makeup, as well as Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones and Venice-based designer Eli Russell Linnetz of ERL.

“We created a wide variety of looks that played with color and different patterns, with graphic hairstyles,” said Palau, who dyed the hair lime green and bright orange, keeping the looks either simple — braided or buzzcut — or featuring thick, spiky strips of hair pointed in all directions. Standing out from the bunch were those with more elaborate designs: one model sported a mohawk, while another had on a peace sign made of rhinestones.

Hair was created by British hairstylist Guido Palau, while makeup was by Belgian makeup artist Peter Philips, creative and image director for makeup at Dior.
Courtesy of Dior Beauty

When preparing for a show, “it’s always good to have one [element] that keeps a low profile,” said Philips. “Sometimes it’s the hair, sometimes it’s the makeup, sometimes it’s the styling. Today, it was makeup.”

The styling — a collection of colorful, oversized apparel paired with chunky sneakers — and the show’s set — a blue structure made to interpret a surf wave — brought to mind “a shape” when imagining the right beauty look, “a frozen moment, a graphic drawing, actually,” continued Philips.

To bring that vision to life, the focus was on honoring that silhouette. “When it’s about shape, it’s best to keep it pure,” he added.

A look from the show.
Courtesy of Dior Beauty

It’s why Philips kept the faces “simple,” though still glowing, starting with Dior’s “Capture Totale” skin care collection: the “Super Potent Serum” on all the models, and the “Firming and Wrinkle Correcting Crème” on those who needed extra moisture. He then used the “Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer,” followed by the line’s foundation, concealer (“under the eyes and to cover imperfections”) and powder — in the natural shade of each model. He “gently” enhancing the brows, filling gaps or elongating shapes, before setting with a brow gel, and to finish off, he applied the clear and velvety “Rouge Dior Velvet Balm” for “a blurry effect” and moisture on the lips, revealed Philips.

“Et voilà.”

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