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EXCLUSIVE: Golde to Enter Ulta Beauty

by News Desk

Superfood-infused beauty and wellness brand Golde is launching at Ulta Beauty. 

According to cofounder and chief executive officer Trinity Mouzon Wofford, the brand, which is also available at Target, had been in discussion with Ulta Beauty for several years, and has watched as Ulta expanded more into the wellness category through The Wellness Shop. Now, that section is being launched in more Ulta doors.

“Something that we were really excited about when it came to the opportunity was that they [Ulta Beauty] were showing how they were continually leaning into wellness and prioritizing making wellness a destination,” said Mouzon Wofford. Ulta Beauty recently added Moon Juice to its wellness offering.

Mouzon Wofford said the launch will help “Golde to further cement itself as a beauty-native wellness brand.”

To kickstart the partnership, Golde will launch three stock keeping units at 750-plus Ulta Beauty doors and online, including Pineapple Debloat, $15, Coconut Collagen Boost, $18, and Watermelon Glow, $15, which are the brand’s ingestible beauty “go-tos.”

Golde also has topical skus, including the Clean Greens Face Mask, $34, and the Papaya Bright Face Mask, 34. Mouzon Wofford noted that launching these skus at Ulta Beauty in the future isn’t out of the question. 

“I love being in a real dedicated beauty retailer because it’s a place where consumers are going for discovery. There’s a really special opportunity for Golde to get in front of folks that maybe have not had the chance yet to interact with our products in real life,” she said. “Our mission has always been wellness for all, superfoods for all and part of that is expansion.” 

“The most important thing that we can do, whether it’s digital channels or on shelf, is just make sure that the products and the use cases for them feel as approachable as possible. We understand that many of the customers that discover us at Ulta [Beauty] will be trying Golde for the very first time,” she said.

The brand declined to share sales figures, but industry sources estimate this expansion could amass between $2 million and $3 million in retail sales over the next year. 

Golde will be available at Ulta Beauty starting Wednesday.

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