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EXCLUSIVE: Gwen Stefani’s GXVE Launches More Lip Products

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Gwen Stefani’s beauty brand, GXVE, is leaning into the lip category, launching 10 new shades.

“Lip has emerged as an important category for us, Gwen’s signature red,” said Erin Sale, chief marketing officer at GXVE.

GXVE’s red lip formulas — satin lipstick “Anaheim Shine,” matte lipstick “Original Me” and the longwear matte liquid “I’m Still Here” — sold out at during the first week of launch, according to the brand.

The latter, a cherry red hue (“Original Recipe”), is GXVE’s bestseller, and currently “the number-two selling red lipstick at Sephora,” the brand said.

GXVE’s next most popular products are its eyeliners, followed by — jointly — the eye shadows and oil primer, the only skin care product in the collection. (GXVE also launched merch in April, which sold out within 48 hours after it was seen worn by Stefani in launch promos, said Sale.)

The new release is composed of four satin lipsticks for $26 each, with two nudes (which Stefani teased at the Met Gala), an orange-red and berry; four matte shades ($26) in pink, fuchsia and darker nudes; a deep red ultra-matte longwear liquid lipstick ($24), and cherry red longwear liquid lipstick with a vinyl finish, “Xtra Sauce” ($24).

All products will launch at Sephora and on June 7 (with a Sephora app pre-launch the day prior).

A look at one of the new matte shades, “Loveable Me” ($26), as part of the “Original Me” line.
Courtesy of GXVE

“We’re doing an omnichannel strategy but had been really focusing on digital as brand discovery and consideration comes into play,” said Sale.

Fans of Stefani have been more likely to shop direct-to-consumer on the brand site, she explained, while the beauty enthusiast has been purchasing from Sephora (which has brought in more sales than d-to-c).

Gwen Stefani
Courtesy of GXVE

It was on March 3 that GXVE was unveiled online at Sephora, its exclusive retail partner, as well as d-to-c with eight products, priced between $21 and $48: an eye shadow palette in four color options; a pencil eyeliner in black and blue; two brow pencils in various shades; the oil primer, and lipstick. The products are cruelty-free, utilize refillable packaging and meet the Clean by Sephora standards.

Industry sources continue to expect first-year sales to reach $50 million.

GXVE is also focused on showcasing its waterproof (and sweat-proof) brow products and eyeliners, with summer around the corner, as well as introducing more product. The year will see two more launches, one in September and another for holiday.

“And then the other thing is, we are working on some international expansion,” said Sale.

The brand aims to enter the U.K. and Australia, both via d-to-c and physical retail.

“We will be expanding our partnership with Sephora in the coming year,” added Sale.


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