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Scentbird Rebrands With New Look, to Test Expansion Into Candles

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Scentbird has rebranded, seeking to provide customers with a more elevated and immersive shopping experience through its new look. 

On Monday, the subscription-based fragrance company debuted its updated branding, which consists of a neutral color palette as well as a new logo, monogram and lifestyle and product photography for its website. 

“In the initial part of our journey at Scentbird, we were very obsessed with being friendly,” said Mariya Nurislamova, cofounder and chief executive officer of Scentbird. “But I feel in our drive to be friendly, we maybe lost some of the luxury.”

Scentbird’s new look.
Photo Courtesy of Scentbird

While one of the ideals the company was built on — and still seeks to uphold — is that the world of fragrance does not have to be intimidating, Nurislamova sees this rebrand as an opportunity to realign the company’s look and feel with those of the fragrances it carries. 

The goal of the rebrand is not to attract a new consumer but rather to “meet our consumers where they’re at,” said Nurislamova, who wants Scentbird to be the go-to fragrance destination for consumers to have an intimate online shopping experience comparable to that of a fragrance counter, but from the comfort of their homes. 

Scentbird’s new look.
photo courtesy of Scentbird

“A lot of consumers especially younger consumers are shifting their purchasing habits away from brick-and-mortar into digital, which is not to say that they’re not seeking to be excited,” Nurislamova said. 

“We found that our website was a tad bit more transactional than it was immersive it was less of a journey and more of, you know, you come, you select fragrances, you sample them, but again it lacked that magic touch, and the magic of discovery at a traditional fragrance counter is what people love. They just don’t want the hassle.”

With its updated site design, Scentbird is aiming to modernize its brand identity while providing consumers with a more visually consistent and engaging shopping experience. 

Scentbird’s new look.
photo courtesy of scentbird

In addition to the rebrand, Scentbird will test an expansion into candles, available strictly to the platform’s preexisting members as an add-on to their perfume subscription, beginning at the end of May. 

“My candle consumption has maybe quadrupled since the start of the pandemic,” said Nurislamova, who sees candles as the natural next step for the company, especially given that much of the population has been largely homebound since the outset of the pandemic. 

Although Nurislamova declined to comment on which candle partners Scentbird has teamed with in advance of the testing rollout, she said the platform added more than 200 fragrances in 2021, bringing its total selection to more than 600 offerings from both luxury and indie brands. 

To date, Scentbird has more than 450,000 subscribers, each paying $15.95 for monthly 0.27-oz. samples. Roughly 65 percent of the platform’s subscriber base identifies as female, and most members are between the ages of 25 and 40 years old. 

Should the candle offering perform well during its testing as a member exclusive, Scentbird will expand the category and potentially offer à la carte purchases on select candles for non-subscribers.



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