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Top 10 Makeup Brands by Earned Media Value in April

by News Desk

While a persistent decrease in overall influencer content has led to widespread declines in earned media value, brands like Tarte Cosmetics, Dior Beauty and Rare Beauty are each seeing standout momentum in the metric, which assigns a unique value to a piece of content based on engagement.

The revival of the #TrippinWithTarte era — the brand most recently whisked influencers away to Turks and Caicos in April, followed by a Formula 1 Miami Prix excursion in May — has driven 58 percent year-over-year EMV growth for the brand even amidst allegations that trip attendees with smaller followings are not offered equal accommodations.

“After much debate and controversy surrounding splashy influencer getaways like #TrippinWithTarte, it’s clear that creators and consumers still engage with the content,” said Alex Rawitz, director of content marketing at CreatorIQ.

Dior, meanwhile, benefitted from its star-studded Dare in Gris Dior campaign, which featured Jenna Ortega, Thuso Mbeda, Fai Khadra and other A-listers. The #DareInGrisDior hashtag garnered $2.5 million EMV from 157 creators across 405 posts.

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty saw growth thanks to its recent lip oil launch and the continued strength of its influencer program; the brand counts more than 9,000 ambassadors, with an average $20,820 EMV earned per creator.

The top 10 makeup brands by EMV in April, and their respective year-over-year change in the metric.

  1. Rare Beauty, +80 percent
  2. Charlotte Tilbury, -2 percent
  3. Colourpop, -16 percent
  4. Dior Beauty, +54 percent
  5. Fenty Beauty, -9 percent
  6. NYX Professional Makeup, -11 percent
  7. E.l.f. Beauty, +7 percent
  8. MAC Cosmetics, -1 percent
  9. Tarte Cosmetics, +58 percent
  10. Benefit, -14 percent

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