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Ulta Beauty Launches Retail Media Network

by News Desk

The U.S.’s largest beauty retailer is using consumer insights in a new way.

Ulta Beauty is launching UB Media, a retail media network that will leverage the retailer’s vast data capabilities to better reach its customers, on May 19.

The network “provides a win-win-win for everyone. It’s a new revenue stream for us, a win for clients or brand partners and a win for our guests,” said Brent Rosso, vice president of UB Media. “The win for the consumer is a seamless experience and better personalization.”

UB Media might be new, although Ulta has been testing the waters for the past several years. “We’ve been playing in the space a bit over the last two to three years through our digital marketing partner program,” Rosso said. “We’re taking that program and putting a lot more emphasis and support behind it. More product, more data, more tech and morphing it to UB Media.”

Rosso said the network’s point of differentiation was Ulta’s vast knowledge of its shoppers. “Ninety-five percent of all transactions are tied to our loyalty program. When we say we know our customer, we know them better than anyone else,” he said. “We don’t give [brands] the data, but we can provide access in the form of helping them reach their audience better than anyone else because of that data.”

Although the media network is initially for Ulta’s brand partners, Rosso didn’t rule out opening up access to beauty brands that aren’t sold with the retailer.

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