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Cone Adds Wellness, Mental Health to the Denim Conversation

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Cone Denim’s newest collection is a nod to the ever-relevant topic of wellness. The denim manufacturer and innovator said today it has launched its Mental Health Awareness selvedge denim, the newest fabric within its Cone Community Collection, in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Its collection offers a series of fabrics designed to support various causes and organizations that align with the values of Cone Denim, the company said. Its latest Cone Community fabric is designed with an ’80s-inspired construction in a vivid shade, and features a green selvedge ID to represent mental health awareness.

Engineered to be versatile across size, fit and gender, Cone said it is inspired to “create fabrics with meaning and purpose in mind to deliver impactful messaging. Cone Denim has been committed to creating collections that support individual causes since 2019, with this newest green selvedge being the fourth launch in the Cone Community Collection.”

Cone said it will donate a portion of sales for its new selvedge to the Child Mind Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and their families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Cone’s Mental Health Awareness selvedge.

Impactful messaging for Cone included the launch of its Breast Cancer Awareness Collection — that featured pink accents — by partnering with the Alight Program, which provides financial, educational, and emotional support to women and families navigating diagnosis and treatment, the company said.

Cone also released its a selvedge Community Collection that incorporated the rainbow colors of the pride flag, and donated proceeds to the HRC Human Rights Campaign, a group that focuses on achieving equality for the LGBTQ community.

And its Clean Water selvedge denim — a “water-inspired” design that supported efforts to end the global water crisis — benefited, a nonprofit organization that provides millions of people with access to clean water.

Steve Maggard, Cone Denim President, said Cone is “thrilled to be able to use its platform to make a positive impact. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental health challenges. Increasing awareness of the importance of child mental health and the resources available is more crucial than ever.”

“We are excited to partner with the Child Mind Institute and support their efforts to give children and families the help they need. We are always exploring new partnerships in an effort to support our customers and employees while also raising awareness and money toward significant social concerns of our time.”


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