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Executives From Amazon, Meta and Google to Headline Tech Forum

by News Desk

In this post-peak-pandemic period, retailers and brands across beauty, luxury, apparel, accessories and footwear face myriad macro-economic challenges and market uncertainties that make it not only difficult to plan for the second half, but for the next five years too.

From inflationary pressures and ongoing supply chain disruptions to a looming recession and changes in consumer behavior, succeeding at retail seems like a game of chance. Just look at how consumer spending changed. This past spring, the pace of online spending slowed for the first time since soaring during the COVID-19 outbreak. And although online sales volume is still well above pre-pandemic levels, the move back to spending in physical stores is forcing brands and retailers to shift gears.

At the same time, consumers are demanding more enriched shopping experiences — online and in-store. They demand greater personalization while also wanting to protect their data and privacy (thanks, iOS). Meanwhile, NFTs and the metaverse are poised to be the next big thing for brands and merchants alike. As a result, companies not only have to be future-ready, but must master agility — regardless of size.

It’s within this context that the WWD x FN x Beauty Inc Tech Forum is presented on June 30. Titled “Retail 4.0: The Next Five Years,” the event features thought leaders and influencers from Meta, TikTok, Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Ulta Beauty, Under Armour, Nordstrom, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services, among others. Attendees can expect “big picture” conversations and thought leadership, case studies, and best practices around technologies such as AI and AR — and the latest trends in e-commerce and digitalization.

Adriana Lee, the technology reporter for WWD, is working with editors and reporters from Footwear News (FN) and Beauty Inc to develop a jam-packed agenda aimed at helping industry leaders and stakeholders make better-informed decisions. It’s going to be a must-attend event.

“Should the beauty industry run full force into the metaverse or minting NFTs? I don’t know (yet) — but I do look forward to finding out which tools and technologies the industry should lean on to embrace the digital beauty shopper of the future,” noted Allison Collins, senior editor of Beauty at WWD, who will be interviewing key speakers.

Join Allison and the WWD, FN, and Beauty Inc editors for expert insights into the future of tech and retail on June 30th.

CLICK HERE to register for this event.

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