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PVH Commits $10 Million in Global Investments to Provide Access in Fashion

by News Desk

As part of PVH Corp. Commitments, launched in 2021, the apparel group, through The PVH Foundation, will invest $10 million over the next four years in global nonprofit organizations to support programming and initiatives aligned with the company’s inclusion and diversity policies.

The initial list of selected partner organizations is expected to increase awareness and access to opportunities in the fashion industry for individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities. They include organizations in Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Brazil.

PVH will work with these partners to support programming for high school students and training for individuals with “nontraditional” backgrounds seeking new career opportunities in the fashion industry. High school students from underserved and underrepresented communities will be provided opportunities to explore careers in fashion, develop technical skills and participate in mentorship programs. Individuals from “nontraditional talent pipelines, such as those reentering the workforce or seeing a career change, post-high school students who are not college graduates, and immigrants” will have the opportunity to leverage skill-building and practical training to prepare for success in the fashion industry.

“With driving fashion forward for good at the core of everything we do, our new partnerships will help PVH make a greater global impact for our communities,” said Stefan Larsson, chief executive officer of PVH. “As a company, we are committed to making a difference with inclusion and diversity, and we look forward to elevating the next generation of innovators  around the world.”

The global partners include Kely Support Group (Asia); World of Art Brut Culture (Asia); Australian Business and Community Network; Ecotece Institute (Brazil); Fashion Council Germany; Graduate Fashion Education (Europe), and House of Denim Foundation (Europe). In North America, the organizations are Creatives Want Change; Custom Collaborative; I Love First Peoples; Misa Hylton Fashion Academy; National Urban League; New Circles, and Prep for Prep.

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