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Reebok, Eddie Bauer Top List of Employee Retention

by News Desk analyzed LinkedIn data to reveal the retention of workers at a variety of companies across multiple sectors. Sorting the companies by median tenure, created a list of “The Top 20 Companies Where Employees Don’t Want to Leave.”

Toping the list was HSBC Bank USA and Neutrogena with a median tenure of 10.2 years each. Merck & Co. came in next with 9.8 years and was followed by Thomson Reuters with 9.7 years. In fashion apparel and retail, the top three companies were Reebok, Eddie Bauer and C&A. See the list below of the top 20 companies in fashion and retail.

To put this study of employee retention into the context of workforce trends, the authors of the report noted that after the first year of the pandemic, there were a large number of workers, 80 percent, who were thinking about leaving their current place of employment for a variety of reasons. As the pandemic wore on, workforce labor shortages arose. But those who stayed were able to “carve out new roles and conditions within a company where they’re quite happy to stay,” the report said.

But what are the reasons for staying? Labor and workforce experts say there are a variety of reasons why employees at all levels stay longer at one company than another. This includes a robust benefits package, health insurance, paid family medical leave, a retirement plan, flexibility (such as work-from-home options), competitive salaries and supportive company culture.

Although the research didn’t detail the reasons why employees tended to stay at the companies listed, it did show retention differences between industries. For example, said while airlines have the lowest turnover of any industry in its analysis (11 of the 20 companies with the longest median tenure are airlines) the two companies where employees stay the longest were banking and cosmetics. “At HSBC Bank, where the average salary is $97,000, the typical employment stay is 10.2 years — tied with skincare giant Neutrogena as the longest median tenure of any company,” the report stated.

On the other end, food services and software have the highest turnover of any industry. “Fried chicken chain Popeye’s and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase have the highest turnovers of any company, with a median tenure of just 0.8 years,” said in the report.

Top 20 Fashion Companies Employees Don’t Want to Leave

Rank     Company      Median Tenure

  1. Reebok/7 years
  2. Eddie Bauer/6.7 years
  3. C&A/6.4 years
  4. Abercrombie & Fitch/6.1 years
  5. New Balance/5.4 years
  6. Victoria’s Secret/5.2 years
  7. Guess/5 years
  8. H&M/5 years
  9. Banana Republic/4.6 years
  10. Forever 21/4.6 years
  11. Ralph Lauren/4.5 years
  12. Levi Strauss & Co./4.5 years
  13. Old Navy/4.4 years
  14. Tommy Hilfiger/4.4 years
  15. Hollister/4.3 years
  16. J. Crew/4.3 years
  17. Urban Outfitters/4.3 years
  18. American Eagle Outfitters/4.3 years
  19. Mango/4.3 years
  20. Puma/4.3 years

Source: study

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