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For ‘every little girl’: France gets second-ever female PM

by News Desk

It’s only taken 30 years, but France just got its second-ever female prime minister with Elisabeth Borne to lead President Emmanuel Macron’s next government.

She follows Édith Cresson who led for just one year between May 1991 and April 1992.

Given the long wait, Borne dedicated her appointment to “every little girl”.

“I want to dedicate my nomination to all little girls and tell them to go all the way pursuing your dreams,” she said.

“Follow your dreams all the way. Nothing must hold back the fight for the place of women in society.”

She added during Monday’s ceremony, which occurred within hours of being named for the role, that the country needed to move “faster and stronger” on climate change.

Borne has served across a vast range of different roles, including as head of urban planning for the city of parries, and the CEO of a state-owned transport enterprise. She will now lead on implementing Macron’s key priorities that saw him elected on April 24.

She replaces Jean Castex, who tendered his resignation on Monday, and who has been credited with leading France’s COVID-19 response.

The prime minister role is described in France sometimes as a “job from hell”, given it carries out the often challenging work that occurs behind the much more visible president.

Edith Cresson, France’s first ever female PM, told BFM television after Borne’s appointment that it was about time another woman served in that position. She described Borne as “a remarkable person with a lot of experience.”

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