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Kristy Carr speaks out after public ousting with advice for female entrepreneurs

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Three weeks after being ousted from the company she founded, Bubs Australia, for failing to “comply with reasonable board directions”, former CEO Kristy Carr has released a statement on LinkedIn saying she feels “proud and privileged” to have led the company over an “extraordinary 18-year journey.”

Describing her achievement of being a female founder CEO of an ASX listed company as “a rare breed”, Carr remarked on the task of “creating a brand and growing a business from zero to $100 million turnover that peaked at $800 million market capitalisation when it hit the ASX300,” as one that “takes a certain amount of zealous tenacity.” 

In her post, she thanked the “incredibly talented and passionate people” she worked with, describing them as co-workers who shared her vision to “grow happy, healthy families through clean nutrition.”

“I have always believed a positive people-first culture creates high-performance culture,” she explained. “Of course, I did not achieve this on my own.”

Carr’s post also confirms speculations her ousting last month came without warning. 

“To the amazing Bubs Family (past and present) who I was prohibited from saying goodbye to, I want to say a heartfelt thank-you,” she wrote. 

“Through all the ups and downs, you found innovative solutions to combat the onslaught of challenges and demonstrated agility and gumption in finding new growth horizons.”

Carr, whose company won Australian Exporter of the Year just six months ago, also took the opportunity to offer advice to female entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders.

“You never need to apologise for your passion, emotion or undying grit to succeed,” she wrote. “They are your best qualities that will deliver your heartfelt mission. The corporate paradigm needs you! Dare to dream, disrupt and make positive change in the world and the workplace.”

“There will always be bullies who try to bring you down. Even if they win, they do not define who you are and cannot take away what you have achieved.”

Katrina Rathie has replaced Dennis Lim as executive chair of the company’s board, and remains the only woman on the board. In April, Carr expressed her admiration for Lim –her former colleague and mentor–describing him as the “smartest, most strategic person I’ve ever met,” and adding that she stood by him “100 per cent.” 

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