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Powerhouse consultant Friska Wirya on keeping your daily routine fresh

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Keeping things fresh is how Friska Wirya takes care of her personal and professional life. It’s in the name of her change management consulting business, “Fresh by Friska” and the way she adds variety to her everyday routine. 

From sightseeing new cities, staying hydrated and getting in some “meditative” movement, Wirya says it’s important for women “to put themselves first– physically, mentally and emotionally” to stay in good health.

As a coach for executives, teams and businesses, Wirya has been named a Top 50 Global Thought Leader and has been a TedX Speaker. She’s also got a new book releasing in September called “The Future Fit Organisation: A Leader’s Guide to Transformation” that gives a fresh perspective on organisational transformation. 

The book looks at change leadership, fostering a culture of innovation, leveraging emerging technologies and harnessing the power of human emotion.

“The Future Fit Organisation” by Friska Wirya

Wirya is the latest to feature in our How I Manage My Health series, examining how dynamic women from different career backgrounds manage their physical and mental health.

Read Friska Wirya’s full “How I Manage My Health” profile below, and see other women profiled in this series here.


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Friska Wirya

In the morning, I…

Caffeinate – double shot oat cappuccino 

Hydrate – about 500ml immediately upon rising

Reinvigorate – this takes the form of walking through a lush park, Travis Elliot’s yoga classes or a session on the reformer.

Then I dive into emails, approvals, calls, client delivery and anything else that needs to get done that day.

My exercise routine includes…

Pilates, walking, weight-bearing strength training, yoga – seven days a week. I love it. I feel out of sorts if I don’t move every day.

For me, exercise is meditative and restorative. Definitely never been a gym bunny.

My favourite workout is… 

Is sightseeing a new city a workout? Because that’s my number one! I was in Malta earlier this year… Those hills in the old city were killer.

I find balance in…

Regularly scheduling in downtime to reflect,  documenting wins and learnings, and planning for the quarter ahead.

On health, I encourage women to…

Put themselves first! Physically, mentally and emotionally. Pay attention to what you consume (food, drink, media) and who you associate with.

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