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Women and low-income earners are most generous donors to worthy causes

by News Desk

Women and low-income earners are the most generous donors to charities in Australia, according to a new Australian Red Cross study. 

In times of crisis, women donated more money and gave more frequently than men with respect to worthy causes.

The study collected data from January 2019 to April 2022, revealing 183,940 women donated a total of $91.37 million. By comparison, 129,539 men donated a total of $88.96 million.

The data also showed that residents in low-income areas gave more than middle-income areas, with their generosity matching wealthier Australians as a percentage of their area’s median income.

People in low-income and high-income areas donated 0.13 per cent of their area’s median incomes, while those in middle-income areas gave only 0.11 per cent of their area’s median incomes.

In the first four months of this year, women and residents in low-income areas donated a total estimate of $21 million.

Per capita, the most generous state or territory, with donations amounting to $25.12 per person was the ACT, while the lowest, at $7.07 per person, was the Northern Territory. 

Australian Red Cross state and territory operations director Poppy Brown said the figures represent what the organisation has seen throughout 2020 and 2021. 

“Despite women and people on lower incomes being (disproportionately) affected by the pandemic, the rising cost of living, and slow wage growth, this trend is only growing,” Brown told 7News.

“Every single dollar from every single donor helps make a real difference, whether it’s children donating their pocket money, people giving $5 or $10 when they can … which is why we’re asking people to make a tax-deductible donation as the financial year ends.”

Last week, the Australian Red Cross issued an urgent request for blood donations as Covid and flu season continues to impact blood supply.

The service said it needs at least 17,500 donations, with an emphasis on the need for type A, O and B blood types.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Executive Director Cath Stone encouraged people to give blood, since many planned donations will be cancelled for various reasons. 

“We know people are sick with cold and flu,” she told My GC. “We know people’s children are unwell and keeping donors at home. And we know many people are still having to isolate due to COVID. We also know that these circumstances are causing large numbers of appointment cancellations and no-shows.” 

Stone added that those who are not sure of their blood type can find out my donating. 

“There are patients in hospital right now who are relying on blood for cancer treatment, surgery, accidents and complicated births,” she said.

Australian Red Cross reported 15,000 appointments booked in the past week but expected at least half of them were cancelled.

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