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Arizona Muse, Another Tomorrow Unite for Muse’s ‘Dirt’ Charity

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Arizona Muse — with her biodynamic farming charity Dirt — and sustainable label Another Tomorrow are teaming up to benefit regenerative cotton farming.

The organizations, alongside responsible retailer Maison de Mode, and its cofounder Hassan Pierre, hosted an ethical fashion chat at Another Tomorrow’s West Village retail location on Tuesday night. At the event attendees could shop Another Tomorrow merchandise — known for its minimalist wardrobe staples — at a discount with 10 percent of proceeds benefiting Dirt. Another Tomorrow will also donate 10 percent of online sales during the week of May 24 to May 31.

Another Tomorrow’s founder Vanessa Barboni Hallik expressed her excitement at the partnership with Muse. “We are honored to partner with Maison de Mode and Arizona Muse on this event in support of Dirt given Arizona’s long-standing commitment to sustainable fashion and the philanthropic ecosystem she is creating to support the transition to regenerative agriculture transitions: agricultural, environmental and social.”

At the event, Muse reiterated the project’s importance. “A lot of the cotton that we all wear or sleep in in our sheets is from Egypt. And so it’s really impactful to help this area of the world transition away from using so much water,” said Muse, explaining how biodynamic farming instills certain restrictions on irrigation or how one sources water, be it rainfall or otherwise.

Muse certainly wasn’t educating on the nature of farming a decade ago. “We weren’t talking about this.…We kind of thought fashion popped out of factories.” Every step of the way she integrates her learnings into Dirt’s mission, as well as the expertise of Dirt’s knowledge partners. She made a callout to biodynamics certification provider Demeter as the “biggest stronghold of biodynamics.” In the year ahead, Dirt hopes to link brand partners with relevant projects of their choice.

Not unlike Muse, Another Tomorrow’s Hallik did a changeup in her career path, venturing from finance to fashion. “I radically changed my career. A lot of people were very concerned about me,” she joked at the event.

She is building anew with Another Tomorrow, even including implementation of digital identities from tech partner Evrythng. “There was such opacity and so little information to the consumer who is educated.” Hallik’s advice is to “[treat] your customer as this intelligent, creative and caring person who deserves this information.”

To brands, she reiterated Another Tomorrow is watching policy closely. “Legislation is really crucial. A lot of what you see us doing is really engaging the consumer.” As for consumers, she shared: “One thing you can ask brands is ‘was this person paid a living wage?” adding that it really is simpler to sustain when you start to ask the right questions.

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