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Brandon Maxwell Resort 2024

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“I’d rather be a well-prepared entrée than a buffet,” Brandon Maxwell said during a preview of his latest collection.

Through resort, Maxwell continued his strong stride from fall — a sexy, bold and comfortable one that stems from his own self-reflection and unapologetic take on confident dress, as well as a decision to no longer be “Miss Americana.” His focus is growing the business, citing e-commerce as a huge area of increases, especially in dresses (ever-present for resort), knits and denim (ditto).

“When I look at my favorite brands that I love, it’s not trying to be for everybody. It’s about having a singular brand vision that has a clear voice that you understand. You can close your eyes and know what you’re going to get, and if you continue to close your eyes longer, you can think about what other categories would be, because the clothing vision is so clear,” he said, adding he envisions home being a natural category extension in the future.

Since the beginning, the Brandon Maxwell look was always about a great black pant, coat, dress. He’s recently returned to those roots, adding more of an ease, as seen in the resort’s white suit, paired with a slightly transparent white sleeveless T-shirt or herringbone blouse, worn open atop glazed leather shorts and bra. 

“I think also, sexy’s back for me,” he said, “Sexy but adult.” The statement rang as true across modern occasion dressing — sharp black-and-white pleated poplin looks with edgy, glazed leather accents — as it did in daywear — a simple white T-shirt with low-slung skirt or glazed leather layers (minis, outerwear, dresses).

Adding to the sensibility of cozy confidence was the uptick of knit dressing, including reversible black-and-white bodysuits and ultra-fine merino wool sweaters (shown with straight-leg jeans). Maxwell’s “perfect resort dress” came in the form of an easy, floor-length black style with skin-baring side ties (that hit in all the right areas) bound in 3D rhodium printed tubing. The accent accompanied many of his minimalist-minded, sensual viscose knit numbers (each fit like a glove, and were knockouts) in the form of skinny belts, sleeve details and shoe straps. 

“One thing we’ve been talking about a lot is when you look at the Brandon Maxwell woman and customer, she’s not insecure or shy. She’s not worried, she’s confident. I think I’ve had to learn again how to be the same way. I can’t ask the woman that I dress to be that way and me not meet her there. So I do think there’s confidence in the collection; there’s an ease at the intersection of bold and soft,” he said, nailing the collection’s look.

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