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Brunello Cucinelli Designs Official Uniforms for ITA Airways

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IN THE SKIES: Brunello Cucinelli has designed the official uniforms for the flight crew of the new Italian airline ITA Airways, which will be introduced starting Wednesday. It marks a symbolic date as the country celebrates Italian Republic Day on Thursday.

“The idea of this stylistic consultancy with ITA Airways certainly stems from a common vocation, which aims at transferring the style of fine Italian clothing also through the uniforms of the cabin crew, this to represent an image of Italy that is recognized internationally as the cradle of a culture inspired by beauty, art and traditions,” said Cucinelli. “All this will be achieved also through the great contribution of the medium-sized Italian enterprises that will produce them, following this new idea developed together with ITA Airways.”

The uniforms include full outfits for men and women. The latter will comprise a navy blue coat, a double breasted jacket, blue trousers and skirts, a white blouse and T-shirt, a gray cardigan and dress. In addition, Cucinelli has conceived a series of accessories such as a blue and beige scarf, a pair of gloves and a tote bag.

The men will be wearing a navy blue coat, a padded waistcoat, a double-breasted fitted suit, a shirt, a long-sleeved V-neck sweater and waistcoat. Accessories will include a blue tie and a gray one, a pair of gloves, a belt and scarf. All the products will be manufactured by an array of medium-sized Italian factories.

After historic airline Alitalia filed for bankruptcy in 2017, the new ITA Airways began its flight operations in October 2021 and will be part of a complete renovation. This will entail a renewal of the aircraft’s interior designs done by Walter de Silva, unique gastronomic proposals curated by Italian chef Enrico Bartolini and new direct flight destinations to São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles, starting Wednesday.

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