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Derek Lam 10 Crosby Resort 2023

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Derek Lam 10 Crosby always has realness built in, crafting pieces a customer with a busy life can easily put on and feel like they have a cool, elevated look without trying too hard. So it tracks that for resort the designer looked for inspiration to American photographer Tyler Mitchell, whose latest book of images is called “I Can Make You Feel Good.”

The look: Bold effusive colors, prints and shapes with an effortless appeal.

Quote of note: “It’s color therapy, ” vice president of design Shawn Reddy explained. “It effects us so much and triggers an emotional feeling,” adding that his team sees dressing for the office as a more expressive experience than before the pandemic.

Key pieces: A classic yellow trenchcoat, knit updates like printing sweater ribbing( a new technique) or casual double-layer sweater, a mix of leather separates — skirts, a moto jacket. The denim offering has expanded to 12 styles, a smart move for a brand known for its pant offering. A standout quilted knit puffer, along with a sequined jacket perfect for wearing over the holiday dress.

The takeaway: Unfussy and joyful, Lam has his staples — suiting, pants, prints, shirtdresses — but every season tweaks them adding yet another reason for his customer to buy. This season the emotive color, was a call to action that is sure to make his customer pull out her credit card.

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