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Design Theory: How Blackpink Favorite Nana Jacqueline Found Success in Femininity and Romance

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Nana Jacqueline is looking to be the next go-to brand for fashion It-girls.

Exuding an aura of romance and allure, the Los Angeles-based brand has caught the attention of some of the biggest style stars, including Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande and Blackpink members Rosé, Jennie and Lisa.

Created by a best friend duo of Jacqueline Zhang and Nana Li, Nana Jacqueline’s wide array of clothes is a show of glittery pastels, jewel-encrusted detailing, asymmetric designs and ethereal silhouettes.

“When we created the line, we wanted it to have enthusiasm, brightness and an essence of timelessness,” Zhang told WWD. “Our brand DNA would be romantic and effortlessly sexy, which is shown on each piece.”

The two friends founded the brand in 2016, which initially started as a loungewear line.

A look at Nana Jacqueline’s spring 2022 collection.
Courtesy of Nana Jacqueline

“I wanted to create a way to transform the free, romantic vibe from my soul and inspire all women to be free, love themselves and also fall in love with their femininity,” Zhang said on why she and Li founded it.

A quick glance on Nana Jacqueline’s Instagram feed is a peek into a world of women donning the unique pieces from the brand’s line, showing a convergence of fairy princess meets preppy, high-glam Elle Woods.

Li said if she had to describe the brand in one color, it would be pink because it is a color that flatters all women, is deeply representative of their brand and a hue she draws an abundance of inspiration from.

“In our designs, we use elements such as butterflies, roses and hearts, which contain strong vital energy and represent romance, beauty and love,” Li said. “I love using silk with bright colors in our designs combined with crystal detailing. Through the Nana Jacqueline pieces and their figure, girls can bravely and confidently express the definition of beauty. No girl can reject pink.”

A look at Nana Jacqueline’s spring 2022 collection.
Courtesy of Nana Jacqueline

The crystal detailing has become one of the distinctive designs of Nana Jacqueline, with some of its pieces possessing the jewels on the outline of a bustier, on its straps or simply on buttons. Materials such as lace, feathers, mesh and chiffon are also commonly seen in the label’s clothing.

Due to its rising popularity, the brand opened its first pop-up shop in November in Los Angeles, on the buzzy North Robertson Boulevard alongside stores such as Intermix, James Perse and Chanel.

The boutique opened in time for the holiday season as both founders wanted to prepare for customers looking to purchase something festive for their upcoming plans.

Looking to the future, both women hope for Nana Jacqueline to continue to grow internationally while also inspiring women to express themselves freely. The two have also decided to start an independent Nana Jacqueline jewelry line, which will be launching soon.

“I want our customers to feel beautiful, confident and themselves while wearing our clothes,” Li said.

“Nana Jacqueline is also a certain style, which isn’t just limited to womenswear. As a younger brand, we’ve evolved from doing loungewear to womenswear in three years,” Zhang said. “We have strong potential, so we’re excited about this journey.”


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