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Erin Walsh on Anne Hathaway’s Winning Style at Cannes Film Festival

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Anne Hathaway has taken the 2022 Cannes Film Festival by storm.

With the help of her stylist Erin Walsh, the award-winning actress has stepped out in some of the most fashion-forward outfits for her debut at the coveted event, wearing the likes of Armani Privé and Gucci, among others.

Fans have been praising Hathaway’s seemingly effortless and timeless style, with fashion watchdog account Diet Prada even paying homage to her memorable outfits on Instagram, stating, “Anne won Cannes.”

This is Hathaway’s first time at the international film festival, so Walsh said she wanted to “really honor that moment” by aligning that experience with her outfits.

“You always want to create a statement that’s both of the moment and timeless,” Walsh told WWD. “You always want to do something that feels innovative, fresh and fun. I feel like you look at her on that carpet and she’s so meant to be there. So the clothes are the icing around that fact.”

Hathaway kicked off the week strong, attending the premiere of her upcoming movie “Armageddon Time” wearing a custom white column sequined gown by Armani Privé, featuring a small cutout on her midriff and matching off-the-shoulder shawl with a long train. She also wore the Bulgari’s Mediterranean Reverie necklace and a matching sapphire ring from its high jewelry collection, making her debut as its brand ambassador.

She continued her streak of standout looks when she channeled a ’60s mod girl wearing a mini blue-and-black Gucci dress featuring a bustier top with cone detailing and a black sequin skirt. Her hair was styled in a half-up, half-down bouffant.

When it comes to which outfit has been her favorite at Cannes, Walsh claims it’s difficult to choose one. “What was so fun about all of them is that they were all so different,” she said. “So I can’t say which one. It’s like your kids, you love them for different reasons.”

Hathaway was also been seen wearing a colorful two-piece suit by Schiaparelli from the label’s spring 2022 collection. Later on, she took on preppy-chic with a belted, collared tweed dress by Louis Vuitton.

To round out her fashionable week at Cannes, Hathaway wore an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit by Valentino in the brand’s now-signature bright pink hue.

“It’s fun to see this wild reaction, but I’m not doing it for that, you know?” Walsh said of Hathaway’s outfits going viral on social media. “​​To do it for the response isn’t necessarily the point. It’s just part of it. Of course, you want things to be well-received, but it’s also not only about that.”

Hathaway and Walsh first started collaborating in fall 2019, when the actress was pregnant with her now-two-year-old son Jack. Since then, Walsh has helped style Hathaway for some of the biggest events of the year, such as awards shows, fashion weeks and the premieres of her projects.

The stylist, who also works with Adriana Lima, Ashley Park and Juno Temple, describes Hathaway’s style as “joyful, fun, effortless and glamorous.”

“With fashion, I think she just gets it. She has this kind of encyclopedic brain that knows what might resonate for a particular occasion,” Walsh said. “So if we’re talking about Cannes specifically, it’s not like we created these looks in a vacuum. We definitely had in mind the whole lexicon of its historical context and different silhouettes and references, and it informed what we ended up doing. But that said, one of the reasons Annie’s a brilliant actress is the same.”

Since they started working together, Walsh has stated collaborating with the actress has been “an absolute dream.”

“If I was going to use the word muse, I would use it here because that’s what she is,” she said.


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