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Get to Know: Clara Pinto

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Clara Pinto
Sebastian Kapfhammer

“Enigmatic,” “impulsive” and “organic” are just a few words to describe textile designer and maker of namesake brand Clara Pinto, who recently presented her transition to ready-to-wear with a fall 2022 collection titled “Bioplastics & Wool” that infused artisanal textile techniques with innovative materials. The designer said her interest in natural dyes in making wool ultimately became key to her fall lineup. During London Craft Week, Pinto presented her first fashion show, with 200 guests. “These types of presentations are incredibly fulfilling and a great opportunity for people to see your work, but they are also very demanding in lots of aspects and you need a big team to make it through,” she said. “It’s good to know that designers and makers have alternatives to this — it could be doing a great look book and showing it online and could still generate a big impact.”

Styles by Clara Pinto.
Vicky Polack

While the move into rtw is a big transition, Pinto highlighted the importance of authenticity; not falling into obvious trends and her textiles being the core of her brand allows consumers to see a clear identity from collection to collection. Manipulating wool with different felting techniques, dyes and quilting make the textiles intriguing and unique. Moving forward, Pinto aims to maintain her authenticity while nourishing what matters — including helping fashion be as sustainable as it can be in order to “heal” the industry’s missteps.


A look from Clara Pinto.
Sebastian Kapfhammer

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