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Gisele Bündchen Makes a Comeback for Riccardo Tisci, and Burberry

by News Desk

LONDON — She’s back.

Gisele Bündchen has been keeping a low profile of late, but she’s bounding back into the public eye courtesy of her friend Riccardo Tisci, chief creative officer at Burberry.

Bündchen is the face of Burberry’s 2022 Summer Monogram campaign, and wears a variety of sporty looks, including a check bikini and workout gear suited to her beloved yoga, and beachy pursuits.

“I was so happy to see Riccardo again after such a long time and shooting with my sweet friends Luigi and Iango is always a blast. It was so special spending time with everyone.

“We had so much fun on set,” said Bündchen, who specifically chose to work with Tisci, and with Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi, who are known creatively as Luigi & Iango.

The campaign also features previously unreleased black-and-white stills of Bündchen that the creative duo shot a decade ago.

Current looks were styled by Suzanne Koller while the campaign makeup artist was Georgi Sandev. The campaign video features “Initials B.B.,” written and performed by Serge Gainsbourg.

Gisele Bündchen is the star of Burberry’s 2022 Summer Monogram campaign.
Image Courtesy of Burberry

Murenu and Henzi said they met Tisci at the very beginning of his career when he was living in Milan, and describe him as “family.”

“Working with Riccardo is always a wonderful challenge that allows us to explore new and great paths. It is a real exchange of ideas and of beautiful energies,” they said.

Bündchen “transmitted her kindness, grace and extraordinary energy in a very contemporary and cool way. We are very proud of this campaign, which transmits all the codes that touch us the most at heart: light, love and perfect harmony,” added the photographers.

Bündchen is the latest in a lineup of hot talent that Tisci has tapped over the past four years. In 2019, it was Gigi Hadid, followed by Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell. The Thomas Burberry Monogram, designed by Tisci and the graphic designer Peter Saville, was first unveiled in August 2018.

This year’s Summer Monogram collection includes cotton gabardine trenchcoats, caftans, wool-blend cardigans, eyewear, silky bomber jackets and wool sweaters. Accessories include the bestselling Lola and Freya, tote bags, linen high-top sneakers and Neoprene sandals.

During his first public appearance for Burberry last week, the new chief executive officer Jonathan Akeroyd said Burberry would maintain its luxury positioning, and that collaborations and special in-house collections, such as the Summer Monogram, would continue to be a big part of the strategy.

Akeroyd said luxury creates desire for customers and value for the brand. He added that he has confidence in Tisci, and described the designer as “consistent” in his vision for the Burberry with a “strong eye and pulse for what the market needs.”

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