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Greek Jewelry Brand Ysso Opens London Pop-up

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LONDON — Jewelry brand Ysso’s new pop-up in Notting Hill is giving Londoners a taste of eternally sunny Greece.

The pop-up showcases Ysso’s sculptural gold jewelry alongside brands including Ett Hem London, which specializes in luxury faux flowers; clothing brand La Veste; and Atelier 278, a home accessories label

“I thought that it was a very beautiful way to create communities around these female-led brands, expand our circles, and tell their stories,” said Alexia Kareides, Ysso’s creative director.

Ysso’s jewelry alongside faux flowers from Ett Hem London.

Courtesy of YSSO

Kareides, a former corporate lawyer, founded the brand in 2020 and drew inspiration from her mother, an archaeologist and art historian who dabbled in jewelry making.

Kareides references her mother’s jewelry designs and Greek motifs. “We started using traditional Greek fabrics to get inspiration, and a lot of our hand-carved designs come from Greek architecture and lace,” she explained.

Earrings from Ysso.

Courtesy of YSSO

Sustainability also plays a role in Ysso’s design practice. “It’s very important to me that our materials are up to 35 percent recycled metals. The boxes are made in the U.K., and they’re recyclable as well,” she said.

The brand produces the small quantities of jewelry in Greece, while the business model is mainly direct-to-consumer.

“I have very direct contact with the producers and every aspect of the production. I find that a main motivator for having the brand is to empower these artisans,” she said.

Prices range from 150 pounds for a gold-plated ring with spiral detailing to 450 pounds for chunky statement earrings.

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