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Gucci Extends Company Benefits to Three Leather Goods Suppliers

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GUCCI’S BENEFITS: Italian unions are applauding Gucci‘s extension of a number of company benefits to three of its independently owned leather goods suppliers — GARPE, GPA and GT — based in the Tuscan region, in the cities of Florence, Siena and Grosseto, respectively.

In the 2022 to 2025 period, around 1,500 employees will see the introduction of a 14th monthly salary; a performance bonus hinging on training skills and know-how “as a distinctive competitive factor,” Gucci said in a joint statement with unions Filctem CGIL; an amount of 1,350 euros to purchase goods and services for employees and their families; the use of the company canteen with a “minimum economic contribution,” and leave of absence or permits “in favor of gender parity, workers in particular situations and specific protection for victims of gender violence.”

The agreement with Gucci “represents an important result in the integration of the work conditions among employees of the same group, a harmony of treatments that has democratized the economic conditions of the Gucci workers,” said Sonia Paoloni, national secretary of the Florence-based Filctem Cgil unions on Friday.

The unions, she said, increasingly aim to extend “in a practical way, rights and benefits for all workers engaged in the realization of a product.” Those who contribute to the creation of a brand “must have the same treatments for a Made in Italy that is really for everybody,” concluded Paoloni.

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