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Joseph RTW Spring 2023

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Joseph’s co-creative directors Anna Lundback Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr, who took over the job during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, revisited classic shapes and timeless items for next spring. The Paris-based husband-and-wife duo offered an elegant and comfortable wardrobe for the Joseph customer, with references from the brand’s archive, as well as photography works by Peter Lindbergh and David Sims from the late ’90s.

The look: A firm practitioner of minimalist fashion. Black, white and beige are the holy trinity. The fresh injection of pastel pink, green and blue, seen on chic leather and knitted pieces, represent the duo’s desire for a post-pandemic celebration.

Quote of note: “The brand was always built on the ethos of having those perfect wardrobe essentials. The store started as a multibrand store and the brand offers pieces that connected all those designer brands. Having worked for other companies for quite some time you learn to respect the company and the consumers that you have. You don’t want to just flip it from one side to the other.

“Living through COVID-19, you just want to be positive. It feels like a total celebration, and there are a lot of people who want you to celebrate and to dress up. So for us, this season has been a lot more about embracing positive energy.  It’s OK to be sexy if you want to get your heels on and have more color and that’s a good thing.”

Key pieces: Oversize tailored pieces inspired by traditional menswear design; chunky knitwear with shapes taking cues from abstract art; wide-legged trousers; maxi leather dress; reversible shearling coat; nappa leather top; striped shirt dress, and jacquard knits with a floral motif reinterpreted from the brand’s archive.

Takeaway: While the duo didn’t change much in the brand’s main direction from their predecessor Susan Clayton, the amount of work that went into the collection, especially on details on leather pieces, shows what the Dyhrs are capable of if they don’t hold back on their personal influences.

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