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Lonely Ghost Gives New Meaning to Loneliness

by News Desk

NO LONGER ALONE: Modern love, like everything else, has been reconfigured by the pandemic. Now the streetwear brand Lonely Ghost is giving new meaning to “wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

The company launched a capsule line, called the “Text Me When You Get Lonely” collection, that addresses modern loneliness. Indy Blue, the label’s founder and a social media influencer, is trying to play up positivity and make loneliness not such a taboo. Noting how people are lonely any day of the year, the founder is trying to foster self-acceptance in that area and to let the lonesome know “you aren’t alone even when you’re lonely.”

The prevalence of loneliness caused by lockdowns and the pandemic has increased in recent years with younger adults being among those more greatly impacted. The socialization effects of COVID-19 caused severe loneliness to hike to 21 percent, compared to 6 percent prior to the pandemic, according to a survey of respondents in 101 different countries. The issue of loneliness is becoming addressed more openly in public forums. Earlier this month, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge encouraged people to reach out to those suffering from loneliness with “small acts of kindness,” during a taped radio broadcast tied to Mental Health Awareness Week.

To sweeten the appeal of the solitary life, Lonely Ghost has joined forces with the chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely. The first 600 orders will receive a special Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar. That also makes them eligible to win one of three prizes by finding a “lonely ticket.” Along with whatever lonely-inspired attire they purchased, the three winners could win a year’s supply of Tony’s Chocolonely — 365 candy bars; a $250 Lonely Ghost gift card, or round-trip tickets for two people to visit the Lonely Ghost team in Utah. The candy company aims to ensure equality in the cocoa chain, and to fight against illegal child labor on cocoa farms, especially in West Africa.

The range of Lonely Ghost TMWYL products include sweatshirts, a baseball cap, phone case, a key chain and a lighter retailing from $8 to $65.

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