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New ‘Hot Buttons’ Fashion Sustainability Podcast Enters the Chat

by News Desk

News of a new sustainable fashion podcast called “Hot Buttons” is hot off the press.

The show will air June 16 across Spotify, Apple Music and wherever podcasts are streamed. Produced by Post Script Media Inc., Hot Buttons will follow in the footsteps of Post Script’s other podcasts (all with a climate bender) including “Catalyst,” debunking climate tech with investor Shayle Kann, and “The Big Switch” detailing a road map to net-zero buildings.

Hosted by journalist Christina Binkley, circularity consultant and founder of Circular Services Group Rachel Kibbe and Thrilling cofounder Shilla Kim-Parker, Hot Buttons aims to put sustainable fashion on blast in a weekly news recap format. While the discussion mostly centers on sustainable fashion trends, the show will cover people, policies, tech innovations, culture and the fashion companies doing right or wrong by sustainable consumers.

Scott Clavenna, cofounder and chief executive officer of Post Script, expressed excitement for the show. “They have a lot of fun talking with each other, and are deep enough in the industry to make every conversation one where I come away surprised and entertained and waiting for more.”

With all cohosts helping to set the stage in the podcast’s trailer, in a clip released this week, Rachel Kibbe summed up the inherent need for the airing out of sustainable fashion’s hot takes: “Fashion is a dirty industry and its environmental impact is no secret. But as the fashion industry reckons with sustainability, it’s still pumping out more products than ever.”

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