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R13 Resort 2023

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“A lot of it comes from the last few months of what we’ve seen on the news, it bleeds and comes out in a certain way. In retrospect when I look at it, I see why that came to be,” said designer Chris Leba during a Zoom call for his latest R13 resort collection. The well-established New York City brand has become a true staple to the ever-growing grunge movement with its edgy take on angst-y infusions on denim wares and its cohorts.

Leba’s take for resort translated into a nomadic uniform, with heavily oversize billow pockets with detailing featured on shirting sleeves, oversize safari jackets and cargo pants. Bags are infused to create flare openings for pants and directly onto flannel shirting — utilizing these elements to formulate a new take on building different shapes to alter the proportions and volumes.

The look: Nomadic citizen of the world — infused with R13’s DNA.

Quote of note: “Our design formula has always been this yin and yang — of familiarness and the idea of saying ‘I know what that is, but I’ve never seen it like that before’ — that’s my personal language,” Leba said.

Key pieces: Flannel shirting with billow oversize pockets on sleeves, oversize quilted pants with infused backpack pant flares, patchwork tunic dress with graffiti prints paired with destroyed baggy jeans (actual works photographed throughout NYC), destroyed cozy knitwear and oversize cardigans. Soft floral cropped cardigans are paired with worn in green cargo pants, and a standout — a deerskin fringe pale yellow oversize jacket worn with olive green sweats.

A recurring item every season, Leba’s “FYYFF” messaging can be found on a military green T-shirt and on the ribbing of underwear. “To me it’s also an NYC thing, we want to make sure we are anchored, as this is our hometown. You can find these walking down Chinatown, it’s a true saying,” Leba said.

The takeaway: Given the global conflict landscape, Leba executed in true R13 form, an alluring and tough look in tune with its signature-cool angst.

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