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Rankin to Set Up Photo Studio on Carnaby Street During Christmas

by News Desk

LONDON — British photographer Rankin will take over Carnaby Street for the holiday season with the RankinLive project. Between Nov. 22 and Jan. 7 he plans to photograph the general public alongside some famous faces.

“For years, I’ve had this idea of doing live photo shoots in the window of a shopfront, bringing the exclusive world of the photo industry out to the general public. Carnaby Street is arguably one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, so there is no better place to launch this concept,” said Rankin.

“David Bowie” by Rankin.

Courtesy of Rankin

The ticketed experience, which costs 500 pounds per shoot, will let customers pose in front of the lens, solo or with a friend, to be documented by Rankin. They will receive a digital version of their final portrait and an A4 authenticated print.

“A RankinLive experience is unlike anything else I do,” said the photographer. “Across a day I get to meet and photograph 20-plus members of the public, and in the 15 minutes they’re with me I really feel like I get to know them. We talk, I shoot, and in the end everyone leaves the session beaming.

“Beyond this though, we showcase the images I shoot live on screen to anyone who wants to watch. Doing this allows everyone to feel included, and it becomes about so much more than me taking a photograph — it becomes a shared experience, one that celebrates creativity and community,” he added.

“Vivienne Westwood” by Rankin.

Courtesy of Rankin

The experience also comes with a retail element, as Rankin is bringing his online store, Swag, to life in the space, and will be offering books, tote bags, and signed gifts.

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