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RTA RTW Resort 2024

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For resort, Robert Liptak took to the road, taking esoteric elements from a classic road trip but using them as surprising design elements across his wide-ranging offering.

“The idea for me is like how could I create a road trip for my dreams?” he said from the RTA SoHo New York showroom and store space. “It’s kind of taking little elements of what I like about road trips and translating them into something that is not expected.”

The theme lead him down an interesting path, taking commercial pieces and punching them up with innovative and unique moments. A seat belt morphed into boning detail placed in the center of a black cutout knit dress and top. “It doesn’t bother [you] when you’re walking or when you’re sitting, but it holds everything in place,” the Los Angles-based designer said of the detail. A denim maxiskirt — somewhat of a trend this season — had a double slit up the front and back facing; he brushed it with shiny black oil streaks, contrasting with the bright hued blue wash.

Cutting his teeth at Tom Ford and Saint Laurent, Liptak clearly understands how to cut a suit and for resort he went tougher, with a blue leather blazer with a slightly cinched waist and boxy shoulder and a matching leather cigarette pant. Outerwear was strong — a parka, not a piece usually known for sex appeal, was reimagined with his tailoring in a way to both cocoon and accentuate the body. He paired it beautifully cut pants. A pieced together trench took a circle-like shape, mimicking a tent, and had curved sleeves and a cape cutout. He concluded with a mix of bias-cut dresses, darted just at the waist so the top portion blousons out, making for a forgivable yet chic garment.

Only a few seasons in, Liptak has firmly put his spin on RTA, where the rubber meets the road.

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