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Selena Gomez Talks Rare Beauty in Paris

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Selena Gomez walked onto the rooftop terrace of Paris’ Bulgari Hotel barefoot, with Alaïa heels in hand.

“One of my favorite cities in the world,” she said, addressing influencers and journalists gathered under the brilliant sun at an event hosted by herself and Sephora, where Gomez’ Rare Beauty brand is stocked on the Continent. It’s been in France for almost two years.

Fresh off a shoot of the film “Emilia Perez,” directed by Jacques Audiard, Gomez discussed her brand and the Rare Impact Fund, which she created to expand free mental health services and education for young people around the world.

“To be honest, I thought people would think I would be another celebrity brand, and I was nervous for that reason,” she said. “So that meant I needed to create a brand that was good quality, accessible and easy-to-use — because I’m not a professional makeup artist.”

“Rare” is close to Gomez’ heart — it’s the name of her album and spells out a tattoo that she sports.

“The word ‘rare’ to me means so much, because I think people forget we spend a lot of time trying to look like other people, when in reality we’re exactly who we are,” she said. “There’s all these faces, and that’s beautiful. I just hope our brand can embrace the natural side of everyone.”

Gomez has in the past said she is not defined by a photo or a comment.

“It gets complicated sometimes, but you have to have a healthy relationship with yourself and take a break off of social sometimes,” she said.

Gomez shared she never in her wildest dreams expected Rare Beauty would do as well as it has.

“I every day pinch myself,” she said. “It’s the best feeling in the world when anyone comes up to me and compliments the brand, because they’re not complimenting me — they’re definitely complimenting my team, as well, because we work really hard on these products, and they want them to be great.”

The Rare Impact Fund is Gomez’ brainchild.

“I wanted to start the Rare Impact Fund because I’ve been very personal with a lot of people about my own personal journey with mental health,” she said. “I find it something that is necessary. I know that it could be scary — the idea of trying to seek help. But it’s not seeking help, it’s actually seeking other people that feel the same way you do. Sometimes all you need is a connection with someone that can understand you. At least, that’s what I feel.”

Gomez has said she wants people to feel less alone, which is her brand’s mission.

As of a few weeks ago, the Rare Impact Fund had reached 23 organizations around the globe, including 750,000 young people, plus 10,000 teachers and educators. And its mission won’t stop there.

“It just makes me so happy to be part of a great team — it’s not just me — and to know we are making a difference,” said Gomez. “It brings me so much joy, because not only are we making fun products that are really beautiful, but we’re doing something. And that makes me rest at night — knowing that I have a purpose. I love that.”

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