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Stella McCartney Pre-Spring 2023

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Stella McCartney is going wild for rewilding, transforming swathes of her organic farm in the English countryside into a haven for badgers, hedgehogs, hare and deer. She’s letting the streams flow and bend wherever they like, and allowing nature to take its course.

Her “wild and sexy” woman is taking her cues from nature — and having lots of fun, said the designer, whose models have been photographed ankle-deep in a stream with wild irises sprouting in the background; dashing through tall grass like kids playing tag, or reclining on the grass and staring at the sky.

That au naturale attitude came through in a lineup of animal prints, broderie anglaise and unfinished, homespun edges. A stringy sweater was pieced together from flowers hand-crocheted in Italy; the hems of long, bright dresses were sliced into fluttery car wash pleats, while broderie anglaise was everywhere — on halter tops, minidress hemlines or shaped into two little birds perched on either side of a button-front white top.

While tigers may not prowl around England, their stripes certainly do: An abstract print appeared on oversize tailored suits with buckle-front jackets; microminis and coat with wide lapels, and lots of swagger.

Other, smaller animals roamed freely: There were brightly colored birds on a short black dress and a menagerie of hare, hedgehogs and baby deer on a boxy-sleeve shirt and miniskirt combo.

There were pieces for urbanites, too, including a PVC-free sequin jumpsuit for those who are really wild at heart; a leather jacket with a round, statement collar, and dramatic cape tops and dresses.

Spring is McCartney’s favorite season: she loves nature’s fighting spirit and its “ability to keep going and pushing forward. It’s such a hopeful time,” said the designer, who has spent most of her life helping it along via animal rights activism and extensive research into sustainable materials.

This pre-spring collection featured bags and sneakers made from grape waste. In July, her Frayme Mylo bag, which is made from mycelium, the web-like roots of fungi, will land on shop floors for the first time, which makes her very proud, and extra-hungry for more innovation.

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