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The Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte Wear Alexander McQueen for the Coronation of King Charles III

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LONDON — The Princess of Wales is wearing Alexander McQueen for the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday morning.

Kate Middleton is dressed a long white gown with embroidered flowers symbolizing the four countries that make up Great Britain. She is also wearing the Royal Victorian Order Mantle and a silver and diamond floral headpiece instead of a tiara.

She is also paying homage to her mother-in-law, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, by wearing her South Sea Pearl earrings.

Diana first wore the earrings in November 1990 to the coronation banquet of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan.

The Princess of Wales’ daughter, Princess Charlotte, is wearing a similar outfit to that of her mother. The dress is white and has a little cape with embroidered lapels. She’s wearing white mary jane shoes and smaller version of the Princess of Wales’ crown.

Princess Charlotte and the Princess of Wales in Alexander McQueen.

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Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen wedding gown made by Sarah Burton on her wedding day in 2011.

Sartorially, the Prince and Princess of Wales have been “stepping up a level. If you look back at their trajectory as a couple, for a very long time they were seen as very relatable, very down-to-earth and quite casual. I think what we’ve seen a little bit more of in recent months is them looking much more serious,” like they mean business, said Bethan Holt, author of “The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style” and “The Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style.”

Since the queen’s passing in September, the duties and responsibilities of the Princess of Wales have increased along with the ones of Prince William, the heir to the throne.

The Millennial Prince and Princess of Wales have made clear from the start that they want to be modern royals, in touch with their subjects and with the issues of the day. They want to be seen as compassionate change-makers, advocates for British charities and people, and strong parents to their three children.

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