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WGSN and Coloro Reveal Color of the Year 2025: Future Dusk

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Get ready for Future Dusk.

WGSN, the consumer and design trend forecaster, and its sister company Coloro have selected Future Dusk as the Color of the Year for 2025.

According to WGSN and Coloro, Future Dusk is a dark, moody and intriguing hue that sits between blue and purple. It has a sense of mystery and escapism and feeds into themes of transition, whether it be moving from dark to light, or dusk to dawn, “making it perfect for a period of immense change,” the companies said.

They noted that Future Dusk has “surreal and otherworldly qualities” that align with the influence of the second Space Age, giving it a celestial appeal. As technology and science accelerate the space economy, the companies believe that commercial opportunities are coming to the forefront, particularly when one looks at space tourism and the rise of asteroid mining.

Both companies noted that Future Dusk aligns with immersive and transformative colors, driven by the metaverse, fantasy and imagination. They believe that Future Dusk can be used in everything from classic styles and investment pieces to directional designs, as a gender-inclusive purple or as an alternative to navy.

Some items in Future Dusk.

Courtesy of WGNS

Metallic finishes also can inject a celestial feeling in beauty and consumer tech, or in 3D renderings in the metaverse, the companies noted.

Caroline Culbert, creative content lead for Coloro said, “For several seasons now, Coloro has seen brands shifting toward palettes with long-lasting appeal. Future Dusk is an inspiring color that supports this trans-seasonal approach. It appears warm and deep, which makes it feel moody, mysterious and timeless.”

Urangoo Samba, head of color for WGSN, added, “Colors that bring a sense of reassurance will be key for 2025 and we will see captivating tinted darks gaining momentum. In the near future, the lines between reality and fantasy will become more blurred than ever — Future Dusk is an immersive and transformative color, aligned with this direction.”

When asked how they determined the color, Samba told WWD, “Our Color of the Year 2025 aligns with WGSN’s STEPIC framework, which analyzes trends in Society, Technology, the Environment, Politics, Industry and Creativity. Our methodology ensures that the colors and palettes on the color forecasts truly reflect the STEPIC drivers, innovations and behaviors that will shape 2025.”

He said the Key Colors and Color of the Year selection process consists of all of the WGSN and Coloro key forecasters from various sectors across the world (interiors, womenswear and menswear, youth, active, consumer tech, beauty, etc.) getting together at a workshop to present research and findings.

“We tie back the insights we gained during the workshop to look at which of these key colors stands out by being the most versatile and relevant across all industries to become the Color of the Year,” said Samba.

Additional colors in the Global Color Forecast spring/summer 2025 are Transcendent Pink, a more elevated neutral than a traditional pink already being seen in virtual worlds and soft AI; Aquatic Awe, a transformative turquoise that connects with digital themes; Sunset Coral, a feel-good color that appeals to the pursuit of joy, and Ray Flower, a radiant yellow with a warm and inviting quality inspired by regenerative practices that protect biodiversity.

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